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(former: Lippehne)

Interesting places:

Lipiany (Lippehne)

The small town , situated on an halfisland, has a very beautiful church and especially the classical town hall is worth to see. On the front of the hall is a fountain, which symbolised the "Lippehne right to drink". The big oak before the town hall was planted in memorial to the victory about Napoleon in 1816, the polish citizens now see in the tree a relation to the rich brewing tradition of the city, so it is called "Piwowka".
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Church Maria Ascension in Lipiany (Lippehne)

The church was built in 1863 in neogothic style on the place of a burned church from the 13th century.
how to find → If you drive threw Lipiany (Lippehne), you will see the church behind the town hall at the market.
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