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(former: Marienspring)


Marzęcin (Marienspring) is located in the middle of woods. About 10 km north west from Gorzów Wielkopolski .


Marzęcin (Marienspring) it really is only place in the middle of woods, where before the war was existing small German village - Marienspring. It has shool, mill, fire brigade, forester house, cemetery. In january 1945 near Marienspring in the place of possible crossing of Klodawka River (Klodow Fliess) 5 German tanks made an ambush for incoming Russian Red Army tank troops. However place was good for ambush, suddenly single Russian damaged tank from another formation came out by accident from another direction. German tank leader gave the order to move arount to take off this single Russian tank. It was wrong decission because in the same time column of Russian tanks came out from the woods. Using the moment of unfortunately turned in another directions German tanks, Russians has destroyed all of them. Unfortunately they decided also to burn to the ground the near village - Marienspring. During this attack died one 9 years old girl from Marienspring that did not left the house on time. Rests of ruins of Marienspring houses war destroyed in 1983.
Today in marienspring we can find place of watermill, old cemetery gravestones (well saved by the lake), monumend of people from Marienspring died in I World War, monument of forester, and new monument in memory of 9 years old Erika Sommerfeld.
Place of Marienspring makes quite big impression. It is very quiet clean place, and we can only imagine how nice, and peaceful village it could be meny years ago.

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Marzęcin (Marienspring)

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Rests of german cemetery in Marzęcin (Marienspring)

Gravestones collected in form of lapidary by the lake. Wess preserved inscriptions. Very nice and peaceful place in middle of woods north from Gorzów Wielkopolski (Landsberg/Warthe). In this place formerly was located german village Marzęcin (Marienspring).
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I World War monument in Marzęcin (Marienspring)

Monument in memory of german soldiers from Marzęcin (Marienspring) died in I World War.
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