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(former: Nabern)


Oborzany (Nabern) is located 2.5 km west from Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.). It is surrounded by fields. The number of inhabitants as of 2011 is 529. The Wind Farm Wysoka 1, consisting of 3 wind turbines, was built in 2012 in the nearby fields south-west from the village.


The village was first mentioned in 1262. It belonged to the Knights Templar and later to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. After 1540 it belonged to the Margraves of Brandenburg, Prussian monarchy, and the German state. It was destroyed in the course of the Thirty Years' War when the Austrian and Saxon armies entered West Pomerania and Mecklemburg. As a result, new peasants had to be brought there in 1644. It was looted by the Russians in 1758, before the battle of Sarbinowo.

in 1918 roku in Oborzany there was 34 farms, 20 of them was between 45 and 60 ha of fields, meadows and woods and 14 of them below 25 ha. Moreover in Oborzany was living a lot of people who had less than one ha of lands. This people was working for farmers or they were manufacturers, owners of workers from near Dębno.
In 1918 in Oborzany was living about 600 inhabitants.
When church and school had a solid roof most of farmers houses and buildings (stables etc.) had roofs covered with straw.

Fire in 1918.
It was september 16th 1918 when 2 six years old boys was playing with matches in the barn of farmer Fritz Engel, where roof was covered by straw. Barn fill of fresh grain fall in flames quickly.
Because there was wind from the south, the sparks and burning strew has moved the fire to the near farm of Otto Zimmermann. Because of the roo cover all the buildings in this farm was burned completely.
Not far away was the roofs of the farm of Paul Hübner. Here also from the house only ruins has left.
The fire destroyed next the farm of Friedrich Colberg. This was farm on the other side of the road Dębno - Boleszkowice. It is probably that the wind changed its direction and was blowing from the west. Sparks was flying into direction of school and church, that had solid roof cover with the tiles, and to other part of village. Here fire destroyed all buildings of farmer Matzdorf.
Further in the east there was no more houses and fire stopped itself.

From 34 farms 4 were destroyed completely, and one farmer had ruined barn. From 80 familys in the village 5 has suffered. Rebuild toke many years. For example farmer Paul Hübner has moved to new house in 1928. Farmer Otto Zimmermann never rebuilt his home, but he sell the farm.
It is necessery to correct some information available in the Web, about large scale of fire. There was huge damage, but not half of the village as it may seems when reading other sources.

Text about the fire and village condition in 1918 prepared by: F.K. Hübner, 21.03.2015

Interesting places

The church built in the 14th century was given a gothic style as a result of an alteration at the turn of the 15th century. The tower was added in 1712.
Text about actual village condition prepared by: Paweł Zieliński, 2012

Interesting places:

Church of saint cross in Oborzany (Nabern)

Gothic church from the 13th century with a tower from 1712. (Parish: Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.))
how to find → Drive from Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.) towards Boleszkowice (Fürstenfelde/Nm.). In Oborzany (Nabern), follow the main road and take the right turn after passing the village shop (green building on the right) by the sign specifying the distance to Boleszkowice.
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Oborzany (Nabern)

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