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(former: Niederwutzen)

Interesting places:

Church in Osinów Dolny (Niederwutzen)

Holy mass: Saturdays: 19:00 Sundays: 13:00
how to find → When you drive thru the Osinów Dolny (Niederwutzen) (shops all around the street) than look on the left side of road, for small road to the center of village.
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Market Hall "Oder Center Berlin" in Osinów Dolny (Niederwutzen)

Market-place is located in former German factory. Factory buildings survived post-war years in good condition and part of them was in 90's converted to market-halls and storages.
how to find → If you drive from Cedynia (Zehden) direction border in Osinów Dolny (Niederwutzen) the market is just before the border on you right.
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Viev Point Czcibor Mountain near Cedynia (Zehden)

Place on the high shore of Odra River valley, with nice view of Odra, and German river side. Here in 972 A.D. probably took place big battle between Polish and German armies.
how to find → When you drive from Osinów Dolny (Niederwutzen) to Cedynia (Zehden) than 1 km after Osinow look on the right.
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