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(former: Rörchen)

Interesting places:

Church in Rurka (Rörchen)

how to find → From Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) drive direction Banie (Bahn). You will reach Rurka after 5 kilometers.
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Chapel of Knights Templars in Rurka (Rörchen)

Not big chapel from 13th century made of stone. Since 17th century it was used as granary and since 19th century as distillery. Nowadays it is private property.
how to find → You may drive from Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) direction Banie (Bahn). Than in Rurka (Rörchen) you drive straight and about 400 m after church turn little road left. Chapel is visible from road and it is about 400 meters, on the left.
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