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(former: Dürren Selchow)

Interesting places:

Church Dedicated to Mary Queen of Poland in Żelichów (Dörren Selchow)

Church from 13th century. Rebuilt in 18-19th century.
Holy mass: Sundays 12:00 Tuesedays, 6:00 PM (Parish: Klępicz (Klemzow))
how to find → When you drive from Cedynia (Zehden) direction Moryń (Mohrin), drive thru &radostowex -> &goliceex and after &goliceex before &klepiczex turn right to Żelichów (Dörren Selchow).
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Żelichów (Dörren Selchow)

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Circles on a field near Nowe Objezierze

On the field near Nowe Objezierze (Groß Wubiser) misterious circles were discover. This are remains of culture which existed here about 7000 years ago, according to archeologists.
how to find → If we drive from Moryń (Mohrin) to Cedynia then just after entering Nowe Objezierze (Groß Wubiser) take the stone road to the left. Then drive one more kilometer and circles will be on your right (just next to radio tower.)
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