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Welcome to - north-western Poland internet gallery and guide! This site includes photos and information about north-western Poland, between the towns of: Kostrzyn, Gryfino, and Myślibórz, which was called Nowa Marchia (Ger.: Neumark) in historical times.

History of Neumark region:

Today, it's the westernmost part of Poland, by the border with Germany - the southern part of West Pomeranian Voivodeship and northern part of Lubuskie Voivodeship. This state reaches back to 1945, when new borders of post-war Europe were established during...

the Potsdam Conference.
In the past, this territory was the eastern part of the German province Margraviate of Brandenburg called Neumark. Neumark existed as a German province since the 13th century. Numerous devastating wars swept through its territory, although there have also been years of peace and prosperity.
These lands were colonized by Church institutions, notably the Knights Templar and the Cistercians, during the Middle Ages. Before that, the region belonged partially to West Pomerania, Greater Poland, and Lubusz Land, at which time it was the region where wars between the Princes of Pomerania, Greater Poland, and Silesia took place.
In earlier times small tribes had their settlements here, on the pleated post-glacial area with many small lakes, along the valleys of the Odra and Warta rivers.


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