Photos and touristic information about West Poland

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About us:

The website is a private initiative. It was created in 2009 as an answer to the lack of information about western Poland border region on the Internet. Its purpose is to present the attractiveness of this lands by description as by photography.

The team creating the website are:
Mateusz Atroszko from Szczecin - administrator, author of the photographs and texts in Polish and English.
Mateusz is a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator. He is also author of a website with drawings and coloring pages for kids.
Frank Wassmuth from Berlin - author of the idea of website and author of photographs and texts in German and English.

Moreover, the team is supported by many other persons who help us by delivering texts and photos. You can find their names directly on the photos or under the texts.

As private persons we do not have any extra access to sources like archives, documents, register books etc. nor to the details of the local offices' and institutions' activities. To get the information or data from archives, documents, church books, and other sources, or get information about the activity of institutions, please contact directly those institutions. Thank you.
However if you have any questions related to the content of the website feel free to contact us.


In case of any questions feel free to contact us at:


All informations, particularly about opening times or dates, without liability.