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(former: Quartschen)


Chwarszczany (Quartschen) are located between Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.) and Kostrzyn (Küstrin). 18 km south from Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.), 12 km north from Kostrzyn (Küstrin) and 10 km south-west from Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.).
Chwarszczany (Quartschen) are village about 220 inhabitants.
Chwarszczany (Quartschen) are located in rather flat territory, among fields and woods.


In 1232 A.D. in Chwarszczany (Quartschen) was located seat of Knights Templar that was commanding the land between Odra River, Warta River and Mysla River. It was given to the Knights Templar by prince Władysław Odonic.
The seat was located on the top of not high rise. It was engrid by the River and swamp. It has defence type.
In about 1250 there were buildt first stone building, that was the Chapel with two defence type towers. This building after some reconstruction survived untill now. After the Knights Templar Chwarszczany (Quartschen) was taken by the Knights Hospitallers who owned it from 1312 to 1540 A.D.


In Chwarszczany (Quartschen) tooks place Archeological researches, and every year took place Knights Tournament

Interesting places:

Church dedicated to St. Stanislaus Kostka / Chapel of Knights Templars in Chwarszczany (Quartschen)

Gothic Chapel from 13th century. Buildt by Knights Templares in the place of former roman chapel. Its architectonical style is connection of sacral and military forms. (Parish: Sarbinowo (Zorndorf))
how to find → When you drive thru Chwarszczany (Quartschen) direction from Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.) to Kostrzyn (Küstrin) just look on the left side on the road. It is located about 100 meters from the road.
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Knights Tournaments in Chwarszczany (Quartschen)

Every summer in Chwarszczany (Quartschen), near by the 13th century Knights Templar chapel took place spectacular Tournaments.
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Where to eat in neighbourhood

Restaurant "Oberża Templum" in Chwarszczany (Quartschen)

Chwarszczany 3b
Tel. 0048792241731
how to find → Restaurant is located just near the Knights Templars Chapel.
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