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(former: Zellin)

Interesting places:

Church dedicated to Black Madonna of Częstochowa in Czelin (Zellin)

It was almost completely destroyed and renewed after War.
Holy mass: Sundays: 11:30, Tuesedays and Wednesdays 17:00. (Parish church)
how to find → The best way to get to Czelin (Zellin) is from Mieszkowice (way to Czelin is not far from train station). In Czelin (Zellin) church is in the center of village.
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Border mark - monument in Czelin (Zellin)

Monument in memory of first Polish border mark, placed here in february 27th 1945.
how to find → On the sharp curve in the center of village, driving from Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.) drive straight (sandy road). You can stop the car near the scarp on the left. You will see the monument and Odra River.
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Reindeer farm in Czelin (Zellin)

That the Neumark is always good for surprises, shows the small town Czelin (Zellin). Here are (not just before Christmas) reindeer breeded. The animals, imported from Scandinavia feel now at home in the Neumark and can be visited. Even wild pigs, rabbits and other deer is here at home. Of course, even reindeer steaks and other animal products are purchased, the farm organized reindeer events. And who has room can buy an reindeer here.
how to find → If you come from Kostrzyn (Küstrin), go to direction Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.). Short before you reach the town, go to the left, cross the railroad. Go along the street, near 2 km before reaching Czelin (Zellin), you will see the reindeer farm on the right side.
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Where to sleep in neighbourhood

Hotel Mieszko in Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.)

how to find → You need to drive from center of Mieszkowice direction Moryn, and on the crossroads in the end of Mieszkowice take road left (not right to Moryn!).
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