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(former: Neumühl)


Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) is located about 15 km north west from Kostrzyn (Küstrin) . Best way to get there is from Kostrzyn (Küstrin) via Szumiłowo (Alt Schaumburg) and , or from Boleszkowice (Fürstenfelde/Nm.) quite nice road thru woods.
Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) is a village about 300 inhabitants.
Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) is located among the woods by the Myśla River. Few kilometers to the west there is Odra River.


Before World war II in Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) on Myśla River was located mill, and from that mill Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) had before his name.

On 10th of November 1919 the train station Neumühl-Kutzdorf (today Namyślin-Gudzisz) became known in whole Germany because of a great railway disaster here. On the morning of that day a freight train crashed some maneuvering freight wagons at the station.

The in a case of a collision between two freight trains very high number of casualties of 45 dead and 18 seriously injured explained by the fact that the german government under Gustav Bauer disposed the passenger train service in the period from 5th to 15th November 1919, so that the coal and potato shipments for the as the result of the 1st World War suffering population should be increased, but illegal and dangerous passenger travels on freight trains was the follow of this edict.


Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) has a post office, fire station, church, shop and bar, and water powerstation.

Interesting places:

Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.)

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Church dedicated to St. Louis in Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.)

Neogothic style, built (or rebuilt) in 1904.
how to find → Located in center of Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.)
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Cemetery in Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.)

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Myśla River

96 km long river. It goes from neighbourhood of Pyrzyce (Pyritz) to the Odra near Chlewice (Klewitz). From to Chlewice (Klewitz) it is available for kayak travellers.
how to find → You can easy find Myśla in Namyślin (Neumühl/Nm.) or Chwarszczany (Quartschen).
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