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(former: Prillwitz)


The history of settlement in place of Przelewice reach to 3 thousend years B.C.
The village in shape close to actual was wuildt in 12've century, when this region was inhabited by people from Altmark region.

About 1300 was buildt the church.
From ent of 15th century Przelewice belong to old german family von Schack. In 1799 Otto Friedrich Ludwig von Schack, sold Przelewice, for August Heinrich Borgsted who changed the to well thriving property.
In 1814 the palace has been buildt. Than in 1821 property was bought by prince Prince Augustus of Prussia (August von Preußen) for her friend Miss. Augusta Arend. With Augusta prince had 7 childrens. Augusta toke the name von Prillwitz. The family von Prillwitz was own the property up to 1876 and than it was bought by Berlin industrialist Lachmann who also well developed it.

In 1922 property bought Conrad von Borsig who was especially interested in park, and who rebuild it to the shape similar to actual. Conrad von Borsig died in his park in 1945. He was shot by russian soldiers.

In 1898 thru Przelewice was leaded railway.

Interesting places:

Palace in Przelewice (Prillwitz)

The palace was built in 1814, bought in 1821 by Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia for Auguste Arend, with whom he had illegitimate children. Auguste later received the name of Prillwitz who also gave the place its name. 1922 bought by the Industrial Conrad von Borsig, which remodeled the park and stocked until his death in 1945 by a collection of rare plants. The castle now serves as an education center, cafe and hotel.
how to find → Przelewice is easy to reach from , Pyrzyce or Barlinek (Berlinchen). From there is the way to "Ogród Dendrologiczny" signposted. The palace is in the garden.
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Dendrological garden in Przelewice (Prillwitz)

In the manor park Przelewice (Prillwitz), created by the german industrialist and passionate dendrologists Conrad von Borsig, there is a beautiful Dendrological garden of rare trees and plants. A Japanese garden, several ponds and an orangery invite you to walk. Worth seeing is the mausoleum of the mansion and the monument to Conrad von Borsig himself, who was shot and killed by Soviet soldiers n its own park at the end of the World War II.
how to find → Przelewice is easy to reach from , Pyrzyce or Barlinek (Berlinchen). From there is the way to "Ogród Dendrologiczny" signposted.
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