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(former: Fiddichow)


Widuchowa lays by the Odra River on the road between Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) and Szczecin (Stettin) . It is about 20 km from Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) and 40 km from Szczecin (Stettin) . Widuchowa is very large village with 1350 inhabitants. Widuchowa is located over Odra in place where river is spliting into 2 branches - West Odra and East Odra.
North from Widuchowa you can find fields with small parts of woods. From south Widuchowa is surrounded by woods.


Widuchowa was one of the oldest settles in West Pomerania.
In XII century thru Widuchowa was leading trade route, and in XIII century was located here big market place.
In 1347 Widuchowa gets town privileges, and it was official town up to World War II. About XVII century Widuchowa was a river harbour, using for ray drading. From Widuchowa ray from all neighbourhood was transporting on river ships into Szczecin.
Here was located textile manufacturies, in 1872 was buildt sugar refinery and in 1873 in Widuchowa was opened railway.

During the war operations in 1945 town was in main part destroyed.


Today in Widuchowa is located school, library, health center, pharmacy, police station and fire department unit.

Interesting places:

Church in Widuchowa (Fiddichow)

how to find → Driving thru Widuchowa (Fiddichow) from Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.), on the bic curve take smller road left to the center. Than drive straight.
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Widuchowa (Fiddichow)

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Destroyed German I World War memorial in Widuchowa (Fiddichow)

Within the woods in village Widuchowa (Fiddichow) are located pieces of old german memorial stone, dedicated to soldiers from Widuchowa (Fiddichow) died in I World War. Monument is destroyed however inscriptions on the stone are visible. On the stones you can also find Coat of arms of the village and figure of man with sword.
how to find → If you drive from Widuchowa direction Szczecin, than you can find monument within woods on small hill just behind the last big house in Widuchowa on the right side of the road near the road to Lubanowo.
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Old Route near Widuchowa (Fiddichow)

It is a section of old trade route with alley of old trees. It was closed in 19th century while building the new road.
how to find → If you leave Widuchowa (Fiddichow) direction Szczecin (Stettin), than Old Route you will have few kilometres after Widuchowa on you right side.
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