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Valley of Love near Zatoń Dolna (Niedersaathen).

Valley of Love

"Valley of Love" is a park about 80 hectares area. It lays on the hills near by the Odra River between Krajnik Dolny (Niederkränig) and Cedynia (Zehden) near the village Zatoń Dolna.
This park was established in 1850 by Anna von Humbert, who was wife of owner of land properties in Krajnik Dolny (Niederkränig)
It is probwbly that she started buildt the bark, to make surprise for her husband Carl Philipp von Humbert, who was in the travel.
When he came back from the journey, straight to prepared official reception, he wac welcome by larhe banner placen between two large trees with inscription "Welcome to the valley, created by love".
Very soon than the valley started to be called The Valley of Love.
While cleating the valley of love, the target was to prepare the area as well organised for recreation, and make it in very esthetic and romantic way.
There was created alleys with fruit trees. On the area of Valley was planted lot of interesting trees: chestnut, platanes, firs, There was also created water ponds.
The work that was started by Anna von Humbert was continued by another generations of family von Humbert.
There was created "Pheasantery", forest-house for forester that was taking care of valley woods. The lands by the Odra River, ear the Valley was bought from the fishermans that own them, and included to Valley. In the north from the valley family von Humbert bought out terrains of cole mine, and after closing the mine the area was moved back to the nature.
On the hills was placed many alcoves. Small lakes had little islands decorated with the sculptures from Greek mithology.
After I World War park was decorated with stones - memorials, that had inscriptions with names of famous people of music, culture, art and polithics.
Beacuse of its values Valley was often target of touristic visits for inhabitants of Berlin and Szczecin.
After 1945 Valey fall into ruin. However up to present day we may find there many remains of its gold age.
Nowadays also are started some works to bring back its wellness.

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