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History of Myślibórz (Soldin) Collegiate church.

1 VI 1124 Christan Mission of St. Otto of Bamberg leads thru the region.
1238 "curia" the Commandry of Knights Templars founded by Prince Władysław Odonic.
1261-1271 First granite church, founded by wife of Otton 3rd - Jadwiga (church probably destroyed by prince Bolesław Pobożny in 1271.)
1 VI 1298 Margraver Albrecht III set the church Chapter that had power of attorney over all parisches of Neumark. The rector of parish was first prelate of Neumark. Collegiate has name of St. peter and paul.
1349 Margraver Ludwig founded 2 altars.
1433 Church is burned down during the Hussites invasion.
Przed 1511 - 1542 Bartolomeus Krempcow is last catholic rector of collegiate chapter.
1538 Margraver Jan Hohenzollern takes Lutheranism. The catholic priests do not want to take new faith. New lutheran priest Wenzel Kielman overtake the church by force.
1539 Great fire destroys the collegiate.
1539-93 The parich church became the Domonicanes closter church.
1697 Two meers of Myślibórz (Soldin): Andreas Rothe and Georg Dalack for 554 talares fount 3rt altar. The altar stays up to today. The creator of altar was Heinrich Bernhard Hattenkerell from Bielefeld. It's a wooden, baroque altar 13,50 metres high.
1904-05 Renovation of churches interior.
1908-12 Renovation of highrt parts of tower.
7 X 1945 Reconsecration of church after World War II, as St. John the Baptist catholic church.
1945-46 Wooden galleries on the sides of church are being removed.
3 VII 1976 Parish is rising. First parson becames priest Jan Deja
1 XI 1992 Achbishop Marian Przykucki rising the collegiate chapter and church becames collegiate again.
1997-2001 New roof covering and big restoration of interior.
tekst: Marek Karolczak, Myślibórz 2009 (Modified)

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