Anne Hannouche     26 06 2012, 23:22

I am looking for any information about my grandparents, Jean and Elisabeth Nicolas from Rostin. They were the owners of the Rittergut Rostin. Jean passed away in the thirties. Elisabeth perished in 1945. I have so many fond childhood memories of visits to Rostin, the last visit was in the summmer of 1944.

Tomasz Nowakiewicz     14 04 2013, 02:14

Dear Anne Hannouche,
Unfortunately I know almost nothing about your ancestors but I would be grateful for your information about former Rostin. We would like (me and my family) to rebuild old medieval church, which you certainly remember. It is located very close to the mansion, just near the road. The current state of the building is very bad, but according to the plans we should start rebuilding in this year, so quite quickly should be better in this matter. In last few months I tried to collect various data (including photos) about Rostin’s story, too. The effect isn’t so stunning but maybe some of them would be interesting for you? I would be grateful and happy if we will find the direct contact and stay in touch. Don’t hesitate to write to me, please.
Regards, Tomasz Nowakiewicz (

Vincent Ophoff     26 08 2013, 15:04

The grand-grandfather of my wife was August Wollbrück (Buchhandler, Berlin), related to Jean and Elly Nicolas. My wife (Regina, 1942) is the daughter of Annemarie Dortschy- Wollbrück. Regina made her first steps on the stairs of the house in Rostin. She and her mother arrived in January 1945 on their flee for the Red Army in Rostin. Because the situation there was very threatening they left Rostin after a couple of days, and travelled to Berlin, together with niece Ella. Of course we are very eager to know who you are and were you are living; we have still a lot of photographs of family happenings in Rostin.

Tomasz Nowakiewicz     9 09 2013, 16:01

Dear Vincent Ophoff, What’s a great news! Thank you very much for information about your family and part of Rostin’s history. In answer of your question: I’m an archaeologist from University of Warsaw. My wife and my sister are also scientists (Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Warsaw). As I wrote, we would like to rebuild medieval church – not for comercial use, but just to save and protect that amazing object and to enable the people to admire it’s shape and construction. We hope that in close future rebuilded church will be also right place to support some local social initiatives related with past and present history of Neumark. Mr Ophoff, thanks again for your letter. Would you mind to send me your private email address to continue our conversation? With best wishes, Tomasz Nowakiewicz (

Dee     19 01 2016, 21:50

Is there a list of names of those buried in the old German Cemetery in Roscin?

ShL74     16 09 2017, 20:51

Jean Louis Charles Nicolas (born 1874-06-20 Berlin), son of Samuel Charles Nicolas and Marie Therese Briesemeister. You can see a part of the family tree in: R. Beringuier - Stammbäume der Französischen Colonie in Berlin. URL:

The brother of Jean Nicolas is the Grandfather of my father-in-law, still living near Berlin.

Vincent Ophoff     22 11 2017, 13:49

Are you sure that this Jean Louis is the same person as Jean Nicolas, who bought in 1901 Rittergut Rostin?

ShL74     12 01 2018, 00:43


ShL74     12 01 2018, 00:51

My father-in-law told me from the family history, that the keep of the Rittergut has devoured the largest part of the family heritage. In the end for nothing ...

I have a family tree, if you want to.

Vincent Ophoff     5 07 2018, 16:41

Hello Shl74 I'm still looking for information about Jean Nicolas (Rostin). Last year we visited the remains of the Rittergut (Hic transit gloria mundi). Very depressing. I'm working at a reorint of the family history of de family WollbrĂĽck, parented to the Dortschy's. In fact my late mother in law was a Dortschy. Perhaps it is possible to cummunicate directly via email (see above

Carlotta Hassell     21 09 2018, 22:13

I am a cousin of Anne Hannouche (above) and have a family tree of the Family Nicolas. Our grandfather was Jean Nicolas born 21.06.1874, died 27.11.1933. He had a sister Margarete and a brother Karl Emil David Nicolas born 06.02.1877, died 23.05.1945 . I knew Jean had a brother but until I received the family tree some years ago from another cousin I was totally unaware that Karl had so many children who all seem to live in Berlin. I would love to hear from you all. I too visited Rostin in the summer of 2017 and we were so sad to see it more or less as a ruin.

Vincent V.F.W. Ophoff     26 09 2018, 15:44

Hello Carlotta and Shl74 Your family Nicolas is absolutely the family I'm looking for. Is it possible to have have direct contact via email? We've been in Rostin last summer to see the remains of what was once 'a palace'! Very sad. Best regards, Vincent Ophoff

Carlotta Hassell     28 09 2018, 06:48

Can the administrator please send my email address to Vincent

Administrator     28 09 2018, 09:24

Dear Ms. Hassell. OK. I just send it. Greetings.

ShL74     28 09 2018, 23:48

You can see the family tree under my site: There you can also contact me.

ShL74     28 09 2018, 23:49


Karen Retford     29 09 2018, 02:51

I am married to Hank Retford, Anne’s brother, Carlotta’s cousin, I am putting together family trees and would love any information you can share.

Carlotta Hasell     30 09 2018, 19:56

can you ask Shl74 to write to me to my email, I don't seem to be able to get his email - too techincal for me!?

Carlotta Hassell

Administrator     30 09 2018, 20:03

Ms. Hassell, I have forwarded yor email to ShL74. I hope you will get the contact. If anyone needs some help in cotact to each other let me know. I can forward your message with contact request. It is not a problem. Greetings!

Karen Retford     1 10 2018, 01:36

ShL74, is it possible to save your information from the Nicolas branch as a GEDCOM file and share it with me. I am building a family tree on both and Family Search. I appreciate any help you can give. Your information is like finding a golden key. Look forward to hearing from you.

ShL74     1 10 2018, 08:30

Hello Karen, I will do it as soon as possible. I have to look, how I can filter the branch while exporting. Please send me your contact adress.

Karen Retford     9 10 2018, 03:20

I am married to Hank Retford, Anne’s brother, Carlotta’s cousin, I am putting together family trees and would love any information you can share.

Karen Retford     9 10 2018, 03:25

Vincent can you share your family history of the Dortschy family line? And pictures as well.

Victoria Hassell     11 11 2018, 16:07

I'm Carlotta Hassell's daughter and together we are finding this very exciting/ moving to peice the family history together. I've always been told about Rostin, it's an amazing place and tragic story.

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