Bill Lindborg     1 03 2015, 18:58

I\'m very thankful to the group that has assembled this website. I visited Alt Rüdnitz a few years ago and it was very difficult finding any information. I wanted to leave flowers at the old Cemetary but never found it. This site will make my future visits much more enjoyable. My family the Brämers, Klemers & Plagemanns all immigrated to Lebanon Wisconsin. Many thanks to all!

pieniu     6 03 2015, 18:07

bylismy tam wiosna 86 88 karol c darek p wiesiek g czarek g marek s piotr k marek w witek g stanislaw l jreneusz w zbigniew s i z jesieni kucharz jarek n

Pattie Sell Neumann Ramsey     23 09 2016, 23:29

Bill Lindborg my family as well is from here \"Neumann\" and many others settled in Dodge County..So sad what the war did destroying all the precious history and memories :-(

ela     13 04 2018, 23:12

"Krzyż w lesie koło Starej Rudnicy". Jeden z chłopców to brat mojej mamy. a mój wujek (Jerzy Nowicki). Wszyscy chłopcy są pochowani na cmentarzu w Cedyni. Bardzo dziękuję za pokazanie tego miejsca.

Brian Planer     19 11 2018, 05:08

Thank you to everyone involved in putting this together. My great-great grandparents, Martin and Sophia (DeWitz) Feldhahn were from Alt Rudnitz. My great grandfather, Friedrich (Fred) Feldhahn was also born in Alt Rudnitz in 1844 and left with his parents in 1847 and settled in Dodge County, Wisconsin. Sophia died a few years later and Martin married Caroline Melchow/Melcher who was also from Alt Rudnitz. They moved to Iowa and Fred later came to Nebraska where many people from Alt Rudnitz moved to

Kenneth Nathan     18 12 2018, 05:29

My great great grandmother Wilhelmine Behrendt was born in Alt Rudnitz in 1814. She married Fred Nathan who died circa 1867. Wilhelmine then emigrated to America in May 1869 with two of her five children, my great grandfather Franz Rudolph Nathan (b. 1851) and his brother Ernst Franz Nathan. They settled in Madison County in Nebraska. If anyone has further information about my ancestors from Alt Rudnitz, I would greatly appreciate it. Especially her other three children who probably remained in Germany.

Reinhard Marre     6 03 2021, 15:15

My grandmother was born in Alt-Rüdnitz 1885 in Alt-Rüdnitz, her father Gustav and grandfather Michael Lüben lived there. Gustav Lüben was mayor of the little village, Michael deputy at the Reichstag. Gustav Lüben moved to Berlin, where he died.

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