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(former: Hohenwartenberg)

Interesting places:

Chełm Górny (Hohenwartenberg)

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The mansion in Chełm Górny (Hohenwartenberg)

Mansion was built in 1904 by the Goltdammer family. Now, the property is privately owned and is in good condition.
how to find → Driving from Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.) to Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) take the road right to Goszków (Gossow) and Białęgi. Then driving in the direction of Chełm Dolny (Wartenberg), Warnice (Warnitz) about 4 kilometres after Białęgi take the road left (bad condition road marked -> Trzcińsko Zdrój). After 2 kilometres you reach Chełm Górny. Drive straight ahead to find the palace.
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