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(former: Paradies)

Interesting places:

Cistercian Abbey in Gościkowo (Paradies)

Gothic Cistercian Abbey, build in the 14th century, in 18th century extended in Late Baroque style. It now houses a priest seminary, and unfortunately only limited access.
how to find → On the main road between Miedzyrzec and Swiebodzin, right.
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Interesting places in neighbourhood:

Rests of the so-called East Wall (fortress Warta-Oder-front) in Pniewo (Osterwalde)

The so-called East Wall (officially fortress Warta-Oder-front) was established in 1934 on the eastern border of the former German Reich. At about 32 km long and up to 40 meters depth was an underground fortification system built even driven by a railway - developed from the Berlin U-Bahn operator BVG. In Pniewo, a part of the fortifications can be visited, supplemented by a museum and other military exhibits. The madness of war is seldom more evident than in the confines of the bunker. However, not only for the Military history enthusiasts, in the East Wall lives thousands of bats, which you can meet in the shelters.
how to find → If you go from Miedzyrzecz to direction Swiebodzin, drive to the village Kalawa. Here you will see near a restaurant a tank. But turn right and drive several kilometers to Pniewo till the end of the road.
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