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(former: Kutzdorfer Eisenhammer)


Reczyce is a village located 12 km south-west from Dębno , 0.3 km south from the main road leading from to Namyślin, on the left bank of the Myśla River. The number of inhabitants is 123 (data from 2005).


A settlement by the ironworks was established in 1755. Later, a brewery and a distillery were also created. The ironworks employed 22 workers in 1756 and 26 in 1860. After the Franco-Prussian War, it was transformed into a larger metallurgical plant with an iron foundry and rolling mill. Several hundred people were employed by the plant during World War II. In the late 1940s, its devices were disassembled and taken to Poznań. Only the water power plant resumed operation.

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The water power plant built in the second half of the 19th century.
Text: Paweł Zieliński, 2012

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Reczyce (Kutzdorfer Eisenhammer)

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