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(former: Bärfelde/Nm.)

Smolnica (Bärfelde/Nm.) is one of the oldest villages in the district of Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) For the first time the place was named in 1335 as Berenvelde, 1337 Bernfelt, and about 1371 Bernd field. 1337 the family of the Marwitz received Smolnica (Bärfelde/Nm.) as a fief. Konrad von der Marwitz and Michael von Sydow stood at the head of the nobles of the Neumark in the 14th century. They give an oath of allegiance to the german knights in 1402, later in 1454 to the Hohenzollern.

Till 1819 the family was owner of Smolnica (Bärfelde/Nm.). The follows of the of the french occupation and the difficult post-war years forced 1819 Otto Friedrich von der Marwitz to sell Smolnica (Bärfelde/Nm.) to the banker Meyer-Kornecker. The royal adviser Karl Johann Jentsch acquired the property in 1826. After the death of Jentsch Wilhelm von Sydow bought the property, which family kept it until 1908, when Max Friedheim bought the property. 1938 Friedheim had to sell it to Dr. Friedrich Flick. 1945 the property was owned by the Polish state.

The population figures are as follows detectable:
1825 683 inhabitants
1885 685 inhabitants
1910 601 inhabitants
1933 745 inhabitants
1939 641 inhabitants
2008 577 inhabitants
Text: Eckhard Pollmer, 2010

Interesting places:

Church in Smolnica (Bärfelde/Nm.)

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Palace in Smolnica (Bärfelde/Nm.)

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Where to sleep in neighbourhood

Where to eat in neighbourhood

Bar - Bistro "Pod Lipą" in Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.)

Tastes well, quickly delivered. Hamburgers, chips, kebap, vegetables. High quality, good prices. You can eat inside and by the table outside (garden).
how to find → When driving from Myślibórz to Dębno than take second road left (oposite the brick tower). Bar is just near.
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