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(former: Friedeberg)

Town is located in the north part of the województwo lubuskie (country in west Poland), about 26 km north west from Gorzów Wielkopolski, by the road no. 22.
Town has the area of 4,94 square kilometres ant it counts about 10300 inhabitants.
It is located on Wysoczyzna Gorzowska (Gorzow Highlands), 78 meters above sea level, near Lake Dolne and Górne, between woods of Puszcza Drawska (Drawsko Wilderness) and Puszcza Gorzowska (Gorzów Wilderness).


The town Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg) is known in documents from 1272 in "Kronika WIelkopolska" (Great-Poland Chronicle) according to the incident of burning down the castle of margraver Conrad by prince Przemysław II, near willage "Strzelcze". In 1272-1286 here was located town Friedeberg.
After World War II actions of russian Red Army town was destroyed in aboutn 80%. Now it is reconstructed.

From comes one of quite popular polish musician and composer Jan Janikowski.


Now in town are located local authorities of district strzelecko-drezdenecki (medium administrative unit). Here is also district prosecutor's office, police station, dostrict's fire station, lot of shops and supermarkets, few elementary and secondary schools, agency of Szczecin Agricultural Academy About speading the culture takes care: Miejski Ośrodek Kultury ((Local culture center), Public Library and Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg) Culture Society.
tekst: G. Graliński, Strzelce Krajeńskie, 2009

Interesting places:

Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg)

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Defensive wall in Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg)

The defensive wall of Strzelce Krajeńskie together with "Mills Gate" and "Prison Tower" are the remains of defensive system that was raised in years 1272 - 1290.
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Santok (Zantoch)

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Muzeum Grodu Santok

ul.Wodna 4, 66-431 Santok
tel. 957316108
open everyday from 10.00 to dusk.
Museum was opened in the historic building of former inn in june 1978. In 2008 it was restored. Read more ⇒
how to find → Museum by ther ferry on Warta River
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"Keja" festival in Długie near Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg)

Sailing Song Festival "Keja" by the Lipie Lake. Concerts, Shows, sport games, various gastronomy. Takes place in beginning of august. (07.08.2010)
how to find → From Strzelce Krajeńskie (Friedeberg) drive direction Dobiegniew. Długie is located about 7 kilometres from Strzelce Krajeńskie.
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Where to sleep in neighbourhood

Bei Oma Anna in Polen - in Tuczenko

Anna Szlesinska, Tuczenko 1, 66-510 Bobrówko   |    Tel. +48 795 205 310
Families and Children - Welcome to Grandma Anna and our new apartment since July 2014 by the lake. You may run around, explore the forest, find Freedom and adventure Stressed loner, nature seekers, athletes, photographers, anglers and hunters on the prowl.
Visit us:
how to find → From roundabout in Strzelce Krajeńskie please take the direction to Barlinek and after 400m turn right in the direction Bronowice/Bobrówko, drive through the village from Bobrówko straight on and before you reach the forest (big buildings on the left) leave the road an follow the small street into the forest, after 2,5 km drive right at the crossroad.
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