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(former: Wildenbruch)

Interesting places:

Castle of Knights Hospitallers in Swobnica (Wildenbruch)

Ruins of palace from 18th cent. By the lake. Castle is in ruin but it is now private property so it is not allowed to visit inside.
how to find → When you drive from Banie (Bahn) to Chojna (Königsberg/Nm.) than after leaving Swobnica (Wildenbruch) take small road left. Tower is visible from the road.
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Church dedicated to: St. Casimir in: Swobnica (Wildenbruch)

Granite church built in 14th/15th century. In 1896 rebuildt. In 1902 hardly destroyed by fire.
Parish church. Holy Mass on sundays 9:00 and 11:00 AM.
how to find → When you drive thru Swobnica (Wildenbruch) from Widuchowa (Fiddichow) (Road direction first Banie (Bahn) later Trzcińsko Zdrój (Bad Schönfließ)) than church is on your right.
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