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(former: Sellin/Nm.)


Zielin (Sellin) lays between Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.) and Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.) . About 5 km from Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.)
Zielin (Sellin) is a big Village, with about 600 inhabitants.
Buildings are placed without special order along the main roads.
Zielin (Sellin) is surrounded by fields.
In northern part is located not big Zielinskie Lake
Few kilometers south from Zielin (Sellin) is a place of exploatation of Petroleum and Natural Gas.


Since XIII century when buildt church in Zielin (Sellin) , village many times has changed the owners. Also many times it was demolisher by several wars.
In 1704 was buildt the church tower.
In middle of XVIII century was buildt palace in Zielin (Sellin) .
4 february of 1945 to Zielin (Sellin) entered Russian Red Army. After war german inhabitants was removed west and to Zielin (Sellin) was moved polish settlers from territory of Ucraine and belarus.


Today in Zielin (Sellin) are located: parish, local fire department unit, small medical unit, pharmacy and 2 shops.
In former, very nice palace is located elementary shool.

Interesting places:

Church dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary in Zielin (Sellin)

Church from 13th century, with tower built in 1704. Inside is very interesting, wooden, three-storey altar witch sculptures, from about 1600.
how to find → From Mieszkowice drive direction Dębno. Church is located in center of Zielin by the main road on the right side.
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Palace in Zielin (Sellin)

Palace from middle of XVIII century. It is actually the building of elementary shool.
how to find → Driving from Mieszkowice (Bärwalde/Nm.) to Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.) you will pass village Zielin (Sellin). In center of Zielin (Sellin) take asphalt road left.
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Zielin (Sellin)

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