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(former: Zicher)

Interesting places:

Church dedicated to St. Stanislaus in Cychry (Zicher)

Church made of stone and brick. It was built in beginning of 13th century. It's fundators was probably Knights Templars. Todays tower (previous destroyed during the Sarbinowo Battle) was built in 1768.
Holy mass every Sundays: 12:00 AM, other days: 6:00 PM. (Kościół parafialny)
how to find → If you like to get to Cychry (Zicher) than drive from Kostrzyn (Küstrin) north direction Dębno. Then about 4 kilometres before debno take road left according to road marks. Old Part of Cychry (Zicher) with the church is a little bit further behind the new houses.
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Cychry (Zicher)

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