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(former: Soldin)


• In the end of 6th century B.C. (Hallstatt D) there is rised first settlement on the hill called Winnica Tumska (Domweinberg) by the Lake Myśliborskie. In 9th century on settlement place is rised early medieval castle (about 870 - 973/979) and rebuilt in 11th century.
• From 1238 comes first reference source: (Mezlibori) in Pyrzyce's Castellan (in terra Pirch). In 1261 Soldin is being sold to Brenadenburg Margraver.
• Before the town was raised on its place was already existing church an tamplars curia and prince's castle.
• In 1271 town is mentioned in Great Poland Chronicla as city well protected (civitas bene munita) with defensive wall made of granite stone and brick. Within the town wall there was 49 towers and 3 gates. Moreover it was protected by moats and dikes. The lenght of the dikes was about 1900 metres. Up to today part of the walls and two gates survived.
• In 1275 to Myślibórz (Soldin) came Dominicans who has built the closter.
• In 1298 Albrecht III Margrave of Brandenburghas founded a Collegiate church of St. Peter and Paul.
• In years 1298-1537 Myślibórz (Soldin) was main administration center of Neumark.
• In september 13th, 1309, in Myślibórz (Soldin) took place agreement between Waldemar, Margrave of Brandenburg-Stendal and Teutonic Knights, the Knights bought for 10000 marks Gdańsk (Danzig) with Pomerania.
• In June 16th, 1433 town is overtaken and burned down by Hussites.
• Another destruction was caused by great fire in 1539. Only Closter territory survived. Margraver Jan Hohenzollern decided to rebuild the town on a new plan - circle crossed by 2 main routes.
• 1618 - 1648 town is many times robbed by armies of catholics and protestants.
• 1684 is beginning of high progress and rise of trade and manufacturing. Up to Seven Years' War.
• 1771 - townhall is built. 1785 - great fire. 1791 synagogue is built.
• In 1848 first hardened road to Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.) is built. In 1882 first railway is leaded through town to Choszczno, and Gorzów Wielkopolski (Landsberg/Warthe).
• On end of 19th and beginning of 20th century many companies are created. The city is being channeled.
• Oficially february 2nd 1945 town is overtaken by Russian Red Army (Actually it was December 31th). On February 7th 1945 Soviet army shots 120 German prisoners.
• On May 23rd 1945 the town is passed to Polish government.
Text: Marek Karolczak, Myślibórz 2009 (changed)

Interesting places:

Myślibórz (Soldin)

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St. John the Baptist church in Myślibórz (Soldin)

Gothic church from 13th century
Read: ⇒ More about it's history
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Church of saint cross in Myślibórz (Soldin)

Church from 1905 with Divine Mercy Sanctuary. Among the church buildings is located closter. Holy mass Sundays: 7:30, 9:00, 1:00 AM, 1:00, 6:00 PM. other days 7:00 AM, 6:00 PM. (Parish church)
how to find → From the center of Myślibórz (Soldin) go direction Dębno (Neudamm/Nm.). Closter is lcated not far from center of Myślibórz on the right side behind the wall.
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St. Gertrude's Chapel in Myślibórz (Soldin)

Chapel from 15th century. It was funeral chapel by the hospital of St. Getrude in Myślibórz (Soldin). In this chapel in 1933 was standing coffins with bodies of two lithuanian pilots who died in Pszczelnik accident.
how to find → From drive direction Pyrzyce. Chapel is on the crossroad just behind the town gate, on the right side oposite fire station.
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Defensive wall in Myślibórz (Soldin)

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Cemetery in Myślibórz (Soldin)

On a muncipal cemetery in mysliborz you can find some old grave stones, and the monuments in memory of Polish victims of World War II and German soldiers died in I World War.
how to find → From Myślibórz drive north direction villages Dąbrowa and Czułnów. Cemetery will be on the both sides of the road while leaving the town.
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Monument in memory of governor Max Berndt von Saldern-Mantel near Myślibórz (Soldin)

Renewed in 2009 monument in memory of former governor of Myślibórz (Soldin) district in years 1920-1933, who made a lot to raise the level of life of people in district after I World War. He also strongly developed the roads infrastructure in region. On the other side of monument is located small bench with beautiful view to the Myślibórz lake.
how to find → From Myślibórz drive north direction Otanow. After few kilometres you will find monument on the left side of road.
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Myślibórz (Soldin) - Point for touristical and cultural information (PIKT)

74-300 Myślibórz
Rynek im. Jana Pawla II 15
Phone: 0048 95 7479163
how to find → If you stand in front of the town hall, you will see the green building on the ride side of the square.
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Where to eat in neighbourhood

Restaurant "Mysliborzanka" in Myślibórz (Soldin)

ul. Rynek im. Jana Paw#322a II 12, Myślibórz
Tel. 0048957472191
Located in the center of the town opposite of the town hall. Externally not easy to identify as a restaurant and inwardly very kitschy and plush decorated, are the food and the service, however, quite different in quality: very good polish and international cuisine, served quickly and friendly at a good price. The fact that a lot of polish people working in the surrounding administrations and in the city hall come here to dinner, shows that here will be well and solid cooked. A partial german-language menu card helps when ordering.
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