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Dinosaur Park Nowiny Wielkie.


Once in your your life you want to look in the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or you want to make a step on a mammouths foot? In the Dinosaur Park Nowiny Wielkie at the polish Neumark no problem.
You know the problem, to find a destination for the weekend trip with the children , where they can find fun and pleasure, but where the kids are learning something too? If you want go to a museum, you listen sometimes a "Oh, one more such a boring and not amusing trip"?
Then you should make a trip to Nowiny Wielkie in the polish Neumark. The Dinosaur Park (polish "Park Dinozaurow") there brings together fun and knowledge on a very amusing kind. Cineasts will feel like immersed in one of the "Jurassic Park" films.
Nowiny Wielke you will reach from Germany from the german-polish Border Kiez-Küstrin / Kostrzyn in 20 Minutes by car. First you drive threw Kostrzyn nad Odra and follow the marks to Gorzow Wielkopolski. You will drive threw a lot of villages, to expl. Dabroszyn (former Tamsel, where you can find another sight, the palace and park of Tamsel, where the german king Friedrich II., called "The old Fritz", had some romantic hours together with his girlfriend Charlotte von Wreech, if he still was a very young Fritz.;-)
You go threw the small city Witnica - for this interesting city you should have time at another trip - stay on the street No. 132 in direction Gorzow Wielkopolski. After the village Bialc you follow the street No. 131 right in the direction to Swierkocin. You drive till the village Nowiny Wielkie. Some meters after the train crossing you have to drive to a small street right, you will find marks. Some meters later you will find the park on the left side (you will see the wooden entrance), you can park on the right side. If you have an GPS navigation system, you can use the coordinates N:52°40'19" E:14°59'54".
The Dinosaur park is a well neat forest area, traversed by a 700 meters long way, on the sides of the way you will find lifesize modells of the different kinds of Dinosaurs and other primitive times animals. To make the paleontological excursion not to straining, there are a lot of possibilities to sit and to make a rest.
There is a big place for making a picknick too, a very interesting playground, where the small palaeontologists can excavate a dinosaur-skeleton, a small snack bar (drinks, small meals, icecream, coffee) and a souvenir shop (in which you can buy Dinosaurs in all sizes and forms of course). On the area you can find a special natural monument too, a 300 years old protected oak tree.
The Dinosaurs are tagged and sorted by her lifetime. Dont forget your camera, the Dinosaurs looks really very authentic and the fotos will be really impressive. Children will be definitively enthusiastic by this special kind of "visit at a museum".
The entrance fees and the opening times you can read on the (unfortunately only polish and german) website of the park. Due the forrest situation of the park in the summer it can be senseful, to take a repellent against gnats with you.
If you want to see after the visit of the Dinosaur park and the since millions of years dead animals some living animals too, we can suggest a visit in the nearby situated Safari-Zoo in Swierkocin, where you can see a lot of animals from your own car or from a bus in a kind of Safari, but where you can touch some of them in a petting zoo too.
If its to late for going home today, you can find some possibilities for overnight stay in Swierkocin and Witnica (category "Agrotourist", "holiday at the farm") and two hotels in Witnica.

F. Wassmuth, Berlin, 2009

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