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(former: Alt Blessin)


Stary Błeszyn, to 1945 Alt Blessin. Village in community Mieszkowice.

Driving from village Gozdowice direction Czelin after about 1 km. we reach Stary Błeszyn, and actually the little bus-stop that name. The village is not visible from the road. Near the bus-stop we need to turn right. Stony road will lead us to the place. Village is small, it has about 140 inhabitants.


Its history reach 14th century. First notice in documents came from 1399. Its owner was Nicolaus von Sack. Up to half of 19th century it was on the basis of knights wealth, and later it was parcelled.
In 20th century the village was unlucky. Durind one generations life the village became ruined twice. First time in 1901 it is destroyed by fire. After 44 years it founds itself nearly in the center of march route of Russian Red Army. Many houses has been ruined. They have not been rebuildt. In next years the bricks from the houses were moved and used as the material for rebuilding of Warsaw.
tekst: A. Maćko, 2010.

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Stary Błeszyn (Alt Blessin)

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Rests of old cemetery in Stary Błeszyn (Alt Blessin)

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In neighbourhood of Stary Błeszyn (Alt Blessin)

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